Target market the target market for extreme value retailers like dollar general and family dollar

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Dollar General Shopper Insights

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Family Dollar Shopper Insights

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Walmart appears to be translating tax savings into price cuts to gain market share, triggering a downgrade of so-called value retailers like Big Lots, Dollar General and Dollar. Sep 17,  · Target is also hoping to widen its base of customers by looking beyond the suburbs.

She was previously a national retail reporter for the Washington Post. Try 1 month for $1. Market Watch. What is the target market of extreme value retailers like Dollar General and Family Dollar?

2. Why are customers increasingly patronizing these extreme value retailer stores? Low income community is the target market for extreme value retailers like Dollar General and Family Dollar.

Dollar General: a Surprising Retail Success Story

But they also serve the rural and urban shoppers that belong to low-to-middle-income families, ethic groups and older customers with fixed incomes.

The % Social Security increase announced this week is good news for value retailers like Big Lots Inc. BIG, % Dollar Tree Inc. DLTR, % and Dollar General Corp. DG, % according to.

Family Dollar Shopper Insights index values compare dollars spent at a retailer by a particular demographic versus that demographic's spending in general across all retailers. Example: Among InfoScout panelists, Asians account for 10% of dollars spent at Retailer X. Do these shoppers fit the intended target market of Family Dollar?

Target market the target market for extreme value retailers like dollar general and family dollar
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Dollar General Shopper Insights and Demographics