Sequential game theory of unilever marketing essay

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What Are Tangible And Intangible Resources Marketing Essay

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Incorporated modular approach by Unilever is sequential game theory. As a marketing strategy, this theory is adopted to face all economic booms, changing customer preferences, technological advancements and depression. Game Theory Assignment Help Game Theory comes into the picturewherever the actions of entities involved are independent of each other.

It is the study of formal interaction of conflicts and cooperation of these entities – they can be governments,big business houses, social groups, or individuals or maybe combination of anyone of the.

Pooling Games, Meta games, stochastic outcomes, differential games, discrete and continuous games, infinite games, Perfect information and imperfect information game and combinatorial game are the different types of game used in the game theory that has different set rules and the conditions.



Stackelberg differential game models have been used to study sequential decision making in noncooperative games in diverse fields. In this paper, we survey recent applications of Stackelberg differential game models to the supply chain management and marketing channels literatures.

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Sequential game theory of unilever marketing essay
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