Marketing of the life sciences a

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Global Marketing for Life Sciences

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Our Team Travis McCready – President & CEO [email protected] Travis McCready is the President and CEO of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center public–private investment agency with the mission of advancing the life sciences ecosystem in Massachusetts.

JOURNALISM and MARKETING INTERNSHIP IN LIFE SCIENCES and HEALTH CARE General Purpose: Preparation of materials and completion of specific projects, while ensuring consistency with company strategy, commitments and goals.

The intern will learn best practices in marketing and communications from experienced staff. ACP-LS is a professional organization for people who work in marketing and sales for companies that sell and market products or services in the life sciences. What unique challenges do marketers in the life sciences face that require industry-specific knowledge development?

Although marketing scholars often seek to contribute new knowledge that is applicable across industries, the authors argue that specific knowledge development is necessary for the life sciences industry, which is defined as. Inlife sciences companies took important steps to advance their business processes and drive greater efficiencies in drug development and commercial operations.

The industry will embrace transformation initiatives at a faster pace inacross multiple functional areas, including.

The American Life Sciences Innovation Council (ALSIC) is a social welfare organization created to support policies that foster an environment in which medical innovation can thrive.

Marketing of the life sciences a
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